This website costs $20 per month to keep running… We know that there are cheaper website hosts available, but we wanted to build a super cool website. We think you will agree that the Alumni List is pretty cool, plus the Alumni contact info section will allow us to keep track of Alumni and send out notifications of upcoming Alumni events. In the future we would like to build a tasteful memorial page for Alumni who have passed away.

It was also important to us that we not use an outside Alumni webpage service… Many of these services charge a yearly fee to Alumni to maintain a subscription. This website was built by a Glide High School Alumni, controlled by us and there are no fees or charges. We will protect your private contact info like it was our own.

All of this stuff requires programming, SQL databases, email mailer subscriptions, and hosting fees. If you like this website please consider making a donation to keep it going. If you don’t like it please tell us how we can make it better.